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The Miracles in Bible Times were primarily done by the Apostles

Missing this -that miracles in the Bible were done by Apostles- will mean completely misunderstanding the purpose of the book of Acts and its contents as most Christians do today; trying to appropriate the same powers/abilities to themselves, erroneously believing and teaching that the power to work signs and wonders was available to all believers then and therefore, is available to everyone today as well.

Scripture shows clearly that this was never the case, as not everyone received this gift of signs and wonders except for a select few, chiefly the Apostles themselves:

“Wonders and signs were done through the apostles” – Acts 2:43 (Emphasis added)

By the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought”Acts 5:12 (Emphasis added)

The verses above show that the miracles being done in the early church were done by the hands of the Apostles.

The only exceptions to this would be close associates – two of the Seven Deacons whom the Apostles themselves had commissioned and laid hands upon – Stephen & Philip. The rest of the Church, though gifted in other ways, could not directly perform miracles or instant healings.

This is why in Acts 9 when Dorcas died, all the believers present could do was keep from burying her body but instead sent for the Apostle Peter to come pray over her, and the Lord raised her up. If the power gifts were commonplace amongst the believers, there would have been no need to send for Peter.

The popular teaching today making the rounds is false.

Not everyone was called to exercise this gift and even today, not everyone is called to have this gift.

The gift was very special and always had a purpose for which God gave it. It was never meant to be run-of-the-mill.

Peter Uka

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